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Our goal is to create a community (Coworking Nomad) for our clients. This net will allow them to travel and work at affordable prices, discovering new places, countries, cultures and people of interest. Therefore if you own a coworking or are thinking of starting one and you are interested in our project, we will be pleased to inform you about the way of being part of it.

Creating a large network of "Coworking Nomad" centres will be a new opportunity to work and travel in a practical way. We offer competitive prices and manage every detail to make our clients’ stay simple and productive.

Comfort and facilities at a very low price.


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Taller de Arduino en Coworking Nomad

Este sábado 27 de septiembre Tenerife Maker Space organiza un taller de Arduino a...

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II Networking Express 180 en Coworking N…

El viernes 27 de septiembre, II Networking Express 180 en Coworking Nomad. Este viernes 27...

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En septiembre, ¡vuelven los cursos de ca…

En septiembre, ¡vuelven los cursos de catalán en Coworking Nomad!. El Casal Català de Tenerife...

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Petición para una legislación sobre crow…

Financiación colectiva para cultura, ciencia, emprendedores o solidaridad. Petición para una legislación sobre crowdfunding...

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